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The 23 Things Web 2.0 Project







Teachers, Administrators, School Leaders and others with a vested interest in education are quickly realizing that the face of education is changing. Students, beginning in the lowest grade levels are coming to school as digital citizens, yet the system has been slow to adapt. The 23 Things Web 2.0 Project is designed to introduce you to the tools that can transform your classroom, school or district. Activities can be completed independently, as a small learning community or as a large staff.


Modeled after the Learning 2.0 Project, created by Helene Blowers, the project will take you through 23 activities that will introduce you to the tools of the new Internet: Web 2.0 tools that are bringing our kids in touch with the entire world through social networking, wikis, video, podcasting, and gaming sites.


The entire project should take between 8-10 weeks. Each week there are a new set of tools for you to learn about, experiment and use. You will track your progress, and record your reflections in a blog that you create. 


 As  you move through the project I am sure you will discover resources for each of the tools that I do not have here, hence the point of the wiki. I want others to complete the project to expand its reach and effectiveness by being able to add content. Simply join and add!


Are you ready begin? Are you ready to learn? Are you ready to transform your teaching? If so, you are ready for the 23 Things!




Have Questions? Need Help? No Problem!

Contact Me!



Steven W. Anderson

Instructional Technologist

Clemmons Middle School

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools







A special thanks to Elizabeth Farmer (@_happygolucky_) and Sandy Kemsley (@abcteach) for providing the graphics in the Welcome Video!


Comments (2)

MHMelton said

at 8:07 am on Sep 30, 2009

Wooo Hoooo! Look at me! I'm on my way to becoming a digital citizen, too!


Shannon Puckett said

at 3:30 pm on Nov 30, 2009

When I started teaching, basic programs were utlized. I have moved from using simple programs like MS Works to MS Office and now to Web 2.0 apps. I feel that the new technology will engage students more and be much more exciting for them. Also, this will teach them the importance of responsibility in technology.

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